Billy Wanks is hard-up. Not like that, you perv. He needs a nanny. The lead singer of rock band, Wanks and Janks has just become a father to a four year old girl. After a series of nannies that don't work out (work out = run away screaming), temperamental Billy and his unruly daughter stumble upon Daisy Clemens. From then on, everything changes. 

Daisy never intended to be a nanny. Fresh out of a college and broke, Daisy takes a job nannying for the ornery rocker. For Daisy the gig is temporary. She certainly doesn't intend to fall head over heels for the rocker or his daughter. 

Battles will be fought, hearts will be won and hard lessons will be learned in this sexy prequel to Good Lies. May be read as a standalone.

Coming Summer(ish) 2017