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Sign up for Charlotte's ARC team. Here's the skinny ...  


The short

Charlotte (or her fabulous marketing team) will send you a free ebook, you read it, write a review and post the review when the book goes live. Easy peasy. 


The long

  • Charlotte wants your honest review. Please remember she writes romance. If you don't like romance, this probably isn't the ARC list for you (or the website, for that matter).
  • All reviews should be posted to Amazon and then if possible on other retailers/social media sites such as: Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, Kobo, iBooks etc. 
  • Reviews should be posted within 10 days of the books publication. Charlotte (or her fabulous marketing team) will send an email when the book launches as a reminder to post. 
  • Once your review has posted please email the link to Charlotte (email address will be distributed after sign-up).
  • Reviewers will not be removed from the ARC list for giving a low rating. 
  • Reviewers will be removed from the ARC list for failing to review (obviously). 
  • Please disclose at the beginning or end of you review something along the lines of: "I received a free review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review." It's required by law. 

That's all. Ready to join and start reading? Simply fill out the form.

* Please note: ARC sign up for Good Lies has ended. The next ARC opportunity will be in July for Billy and Daisy's book, Hard Lessons.


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